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A Lesson From Christian Louboutin About Marketing with a Website

Make Your Website Stand Out

Design is something that is {through all areas} and is a part of everything we do. When you are frustrated with your computer, it is due to bad design. (Or User Error… but if this is caused by bad design then it is justified.) I think John Hockenberry can say this much better than I […]

10 TED Talks That Can Change Your Life

Motivational Ted Talks

> TED Talks are inspiring to people who are interested in personal growth. If you aren’t self-aware, you may not find these videos interesting. > I know there are 10 videos here so you may not be able to watch them all at once, but bookmark this page so you can come back to it […]

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WARNING: Your Customers Consider You a Buzz Kill

Responsive Web Design

Internet trends move fast. So fast that your developer might not be keeping up. It is the wild wild west on the web right now. Are you the kind of person that likes to be up to code so you have peace of mind about your business? Are you a cowboy who could care less […]

Web Designer Business Plan – Robust Agent

Web Design Business Plan

> Download the .pdf here. Please note the HTML version below has extra annotations for a deeper analysis of the plan. > You May Also Get a Blank Business Plan Template Here. You can use it how ever you would like. > This Business Plan is the reason for the creation of a Custom Logo […]

Logo Design – All Around Automotive Repair

Custom Logo Design - Auto Repair

Services Requested: Logo Design, Branding Consultation Summary: There were many custom logo design concepts to choose from and the client really wanted to make sure the logo was right before he invested a lot of money in signage and new marketing materials. Picture: Logo Design Concept 1 Gray Scale Logo Design Concepts 2-7 Matching Favicon

Web Design – Custom Real Estate Website

Custom Web Design for Real Estate Company

Services Requested: Logo Design, Web Design Summary: The design of this website is very elegant. It is not currently in use so if you would like this style of website, please do not hesitate to contact me. This design is part of a larger Real Estate Web Design Project featured in these two portfolio posts: […]

OSCommerce Header Design and Banner Design – QStix.com

OSCommerce Header Customization

Services Requested: Fluid Header Design, Navigation Bar with link Highlight, Banner Creation Summary: QStix.com hired me to do a full header redesign to a fluid layout from their previous fixed header layout. Fluid simply means the header spans the width of the window. Picture:

WordPress Theme Customization – Chicago Locksmith

Genesis Theme Customization

Services Requested:Logo Design, WordPress Theme Customization Summary: The client received an approved Logo Design that was then used to build the website around. The site is built on the Genesis Framework and was customized on a budget to increase ROI. Websites can be profitable investments with just a few good leads that turn into customers. […]

WordPress and Forum Integration – DSH

Forum Website Creation

Services Requested: Logo Design, WordPress Customization, PHPBB Installation, PHPBB and WordPress Integration, Create an environment with consistent branding across multiple platforms. Summary: Debt Solutions Hub got the entire package. First the logo design was created and approved by the client. Next I mocked up what it would look like in WordPress and the limits of […]

WordPress Theme Customization – HeaterBuzz

WordPress Theme Customization HeaterBuzz

Services Requested: Logo Design, Web Design, WordPress Theme Customization, Adding WordPress Content: Text and Images. Summary: HeaterBuzz.com needed a new logo, a redesigned website, and a more formal foundation with Genesis. The site is powered by WordPress and the Genesis Framework. I was also hired to insert some of the content and add the images […]